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. What is Green Leaves Herbal Healthcare Concept?
A. It is a heathcare system using natural therapies and together with the recuperative powers of the human body, it restores health the natural way.

Q. What is the core product of Green Leaves Herbal Healthcare Concept?
A. The Green Leaves Herbal Foot Spa Therapy is the core product. It uses thermal and herbs, in a bubbling foot spa machine, to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and most important, detoxification by eliminating the body of waste products and toxins.

Q. How long is the process?
A. The whole process takes about 30 minutes and if the customer does not perspire, another 15 minutes is added. However, the total process must not exceed 60 minutes for safety reasons.

Q. How often must I do this therapy?
A. For beginners, we recommend a continuous process for 3 days, followed by a day of rest and 2 more therapies on alternate days. However, some customers prefer to do it continuously for 5 days, if time permits.

Q  After this complete course of therapy, what must I do?
A. Once your body gradually restores it functions and your health improves, we recommend you to exercise and change your diets, lifestyles. These are also called natural therapies that you can practices and control.

Q. What other products do Green Leaves recommend?
A. We have a range of organic fruit juices, herbal products and detoxification programs and we have established some wellness program partners to cater to individuals.
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